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Apply about once a month a product to nourish the steel (example: Phoenix oil, coconut oil, diluted beeswax ...) using your micro fiber cloth provided

Increase or decrease this frequency depending on use, outdoor play, humid, saline environments ...


Ideally pass fastly a microfiber slightly moistened with oil after each long play session in order to stop the corrosion action due to the acidity and salts naturally present on the skin.


About every two months, degrease your handpan with 70/90 alcohol to clean the layers of successive oils and dust trapped in it, then reapply oil


During the fabrication process, the Naos receive several heat treatments to stabilize the notes over time


A tuning check is free within six months of your purchase if it has been properly used and maintained


Naos retunes and repairs your handpan. Outside the warranty period, the instrument needs to be examined before proposing a variable estimate depending on the work to be provided

Pick up your handpan

A meeting is possible and even desired as far as possible in order to be able to exchange directly on your desires and be able to try out in real life the different instruments present on site, and it's always cooler to meet, right?


Like all musical instruments, a handpan must avoid falling or receiving shocks

Always carry your handpan in a adapted transport bag

Play smoothly and without sticks

Avoid hot weather and direct sunlight which could cause detuning

Always favor the storage of your instrument on the "Gu" collar located on the bottom

Keep your instrument away from humidity and temperature variations

Place of fabrication

Naos are made in the heart of the Alps in a human-sized workshop located 10 minutes south of Grenoble 

Do not hesitate to contact me for a meeting

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